A Time to Celebrate – Holiday Brunch Ideas and More

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Holiday Front Door Decorating Ideas, Festive Holiday Vests, Christmas Brunch Suggestions and More!

Edition #3

The holidays bring so much into our lives, but two elements are certain: we eat more and we decorate!

So in this 3rd edition of my holiday series, we’ll see some beautiful front door and porch decorating ideas, creative and unique holiday brunch ideas, some thoughts on creating a simple holiday outfit, and some ways to have a natural glow to our skin, holiday or not!

A Time to Celebrate is a series of posts that help us plan for the holidays, and each edition highlights different themes. What better way to prepare for the hectic season than to gather and organize everything you’ll need in advance before the schedule gets away from you.

Holiday brunch ideas and more - a time to celebrate

I’ve created four categories, the four F’s, that will be the foundation for this series of posts for the next seven weeks. That will take us through Thanksgiving and up to the week before Christmas.

What are those fabulous F’s?

  • FOOD

Each post will cover these four themes and offer suggestions for staying fit through the holiday season, treating ourselves well, looking lovely, dressing for the occasion, yummy recipes for celebrating with family and friends, and the best holiday decorating ideas I can find!

Take a little break if you can, grab your beverage of choice, and see what holiday food, decor, lifestyle and fashion ideas speak to you!

If you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Holiday Brunch Ideas and More!

FITNESS AND LOOKING GREAT: How to Have That Holiday Glow, All Year Round

Glowing skin over 50 may sound like an oxymoron, as anyone who is in the 5th decade of their life or above knows that our skin does weird stuff as we age.

We’ve probably experienced menopause and have lost about a third of our collagen, which has an effect on our skin’s glow, moisture, and firmness. We see the wrinkles and sagging skin become more prevalent.

So here a just a few quick reminders of what we can do to keep our skin looking healthy and perhaps even glowing throughout the year:

  • Keep hydrated and drink lots of water to help our skin retain moisture
  • apply an oil-rich product up to 3 times per day, using a circular motion to increase circulation
  • be gentle with your face and don’t scrub too hard
  • use warm water, not hot, on your face
  • use suncreen with SPF 30 or greater, all year round
  • exfoliate periodically
  • wash your face daily
  • exercise regularly to improve all-over circulation
  • eat healthy and clean foods

How to get that holiday glow…

It is fun to create a special look for a holiday function. Here are a few tips and ideas for glowing skin: (click this link for the full tutorial)

  • use a good moisturizer for your skin type, wait several minutes and apply a face primer
  • spray a face mist all over your face to hydrate skin and give it a healthy look
  • use a combination of liquid foundation and face highlighter, mixed together, for a dewey look.

FASHION: A Simple Holiday Outfit

fashion finds for women over 50 for the holidays

When it comes to holidays and dressing up, I’m typically still the casual girl at the party. Having said that, though, it’s fun to find something unique and festive to add some flair to the simplicity of the look.

I went to Etsy.com for these suggestions. I love the fact that some Etsy vendors include vintage pieces, and that is what these suggestions are. Understandably they are one-of-a-kind, so once sold they’re gone. But, I look at it this way: it’s unlikely that anyone else will be wearing the exact same outfit as me!

Whether you enjoy the vintage look or would prefer a new purchase, donning a holiday vest and accessories will take a simple pair of jeans or slacks with top from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho festive.

Choose a solid color top with a round neckline, or possibly a collar, wear tucked in or not. My suggestion would be to go with a longer length top if you’re going to wear it on the outside.

Keep the slacks or jeans fitted (you don’t want the baggy pant look for this outfit unless you’re specifically going to wear wide-leg pants) so the outfit will look balanced.

create a simple holiday outfit with a unique vest
Black Sweater Vest with Birds and Garland $25
unique vintage vest from etsy
1990’s Tapestry Vest $22.50
 A time to celebrate the holidays with a beaded vest
Holiday Sequin Vest $25
vintage art deco beaded vest from etsy
Vintage Art Deco Beaded Vest

Another approach to the holiday season and styling yourself for special occasions is to use the capsule wardrobe approach. Specifically, a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe. It’s fun, budget-friendly, and you can tailor your selections to your specific lifestyle as well as the special events you’ll be attending. It all starts with using what you already have in your closet.

create a Christmas Capsule wardrobe for the holiday season

Learn more about creating your own Christmas Capsule Wardrobe

FOOD: Yummy Holiday Brunch Ideas!

delicious Christmas brunch suggestions

I LOVE having breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner, breakfast snacks…so of course I’m all about some tasty holiday brunch recipes. I went to our friends at AllRecipes.com for these mouth-watering brunch suggestions, which are just a few of the many creative recipes I found.

Here are a few of my favorites:

eggs benedict casserole from allrecipes.com
Eggs Benedict Casserole…yummy and make-ahead, too!
more holiday brunch ideas: pumpkin waffles with apple cider syrup from allrecipes.com
Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider Syrup…cozy on a plate 🙂
holiday brunch idea: baked apple roses from allrecipes.com
Baked Apple Roses…how cool is this?!
eggnog latte from allrecipes.com
Eggnog Latte…festive java!

FESTIVITIES: Holiday Front Door and Front Porch Decorating Ideas

holiday front door decorating ideas

How beautiful it is to travel slowly down a street in the neighborhood at Christmastime and gaze at the sparkling lights, holiday colors and unique decor that adorn the homes.

If you live in a climate that delivers a soft blanket of powdery snow, the picture is even more perfect.

Decorating the front porch, the front door, landscaping and/or the front yard are all expressions and extensions of your personal decorating style.

For me, simplicity reigns, and a wreath on the door is typically the extent of my exterior holiday decor. But it’s personal, and there is no right or wrong way to decorate your home’s exterior for the season.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration with these holiday front door decorating ideas from our friends at BallardDesigns.com. And if you see something you like, you’ll probably be able to purchase it right from their site.

inspiration for your holiday home decor, food, fashion and more!
A time to celebrate - holiday front door decorating ideas
holiday front doors and other decor from Ballard Designs
Christmas front porch decoration ideas from Ballard Designs

You’ll find all the details for these pretty holiday porches, front doors and more at Ballard Designs.

In the next edition we’ll be getting creative, with DIY ornament ideas, tasty holiday cookie recipes (I have one that you’ll love!), pretty skirts and sweaters to celebrate in, and what to do when you’re too busy with holiday commitments to get to the gym or do your regular workout.

See you there!

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a time to celebrate with holiday brunch ideas, front door decor and more

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