Best Travel Apparel for Women? The TuckTop!

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When you consider travel apparel for women, what comes to mind? For me, it’s easy care (fold it into a ball in the suitcase and it comes out looking smooth and smashing), comfortable and stylish travel clothing that is versatile enough to go from morning until night.

And, here’s my other consideration for this particular travel apparel…I might just be traveling up the street to the grocery store, going for a brisk walk for exercise, or heading out to run a few errands.

travel wear for women with Tuck Tops

With the stylish and versatile TuckTop, any time I leave my home is potentially the right time for the TuckTop.

Curious? Let’s get to all of the details!

TuckTop from Free Woman Apparel

Tuck Top in black from Free Woman Apparel

The TuckTop is a shirt with pockets that allows women to tuck away essentials such as keys, cell phone, wallet, and much more, in a discreet, secure manner.  Super soft, comfortable, and classically stylish, it is great on its own or as a base layer for individual style. 

I’m wearing the black tank-style TuckTop in the images above, and as you can see, I’m tucking my phone as well as a set of keys into a couple of the many small pockets cleverly included in this stylish travel apparel.

There are a total of 9 pockets in the TuckTop, 3 at the top around the neckline and 6 across the bottom; two of those have zippers for added security. It’s such a wonderful addition to the travel apparel wardrobe!

Watch this video and see how many necessities I was able to discreetly put into my TuckTop:

How TuckTop was created

Creator and entrepreneur Kim Epp Frenette was preparing to travel, and wanted to find a way to secure her personal items without carrying a purse, while also having them easily accessable. There’s always a concern about the purse being snatched, or pick pockets digging into it and slipping out a wallet.

She created an early version of the TuckTop, absolutely loved it, and went on to perfect the design into what is now offered on her site, Free Woman Apparel.

With several sleeve options as well as colors, Kim wears a TuckTop virtually every day, and has found it to be functional, useful, and stylish no matter where she goes.

Travel Apparel = Style + Function with the TuckTop

travel apparel for women with the TuckTop tank top
Short Sleeved TuckTop
Women's travel clothes

The TuckTop is designed to be seriously Soft to move with you, whatever you do, wherever you go. And the fabric is Anti-microbial and moisture-wicking.

The styling is intended to fit closely but comfortably over your hips for the best functionality. With sizing from XS to 3XL (in some styles), most women can order their regular size for a good fit.

The TuckTop tank top is currently offered in 3 colors – Teal Blue, Black, and Steel Gray. It’s a wonderful piece to layer and very versatile.

If you prefer a short-sleeved look, the TuckTop Tee is offered in Teal Blue and Steel Gray, and the sleeves are mid-arm length, offering a good amount of coverage. If you’re a woman over 50 experiencing the changes to our skin and body shape, you know exactly what I mean!

The long sleeved TuckTop easily converts to 3/4 or elbow length by folding the sleeves, and is currently offered in Teal Blue, Black, and Steel Gray.

Everything that can fit into a small purse can fit into a TuckTop.

My Experience and Review of TuckTop Travel Apparel

Tuck Top stylish travel wear for women

Use code: Inspiremystyle for 10% off and a free skinny wallet to use with your TuckTop!

The TuckTop I’m wearing was gifted to me in exchange for a product review. This is my honest evaluation and opinion.

This section contains an affiliate link. If you click on a link and decide to purchase a product, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! Disclosure Policy

I wore my TuckTop several times while on vacation, and was very pleased with the comfort, the coolness of the moisture-wicking fabric, and the functionality.

I can honestly say that I didn’t feel like I was laden down with a bunch of stuff in my pockets! Everything fit well and the overall look of the top was still slimming, not bulky.

One question I had before wearing the TuckTop was how my cell phone would behave when bending down, using the restroom, etc. I surely didn’t want the phone dropping out of my pocket at an inopportune moment, if you know what I mean!

When I turned the phone to a horizontal position in the pocket it stayed in place with no problems, and nothing ever felt like it was slipping or moving around in the pockets.

I felt confident and secure with the zippered pockets as well as the clip for the skinny wallet.

Per the label instructions, I washed my TuckTop in cold water, delicate cycle, and line dried it. The top came out perfectly, and of course it doesn’t wrinkle.

This is what I put into my TuckTop travel apparel while on vacation:

  • cell phone
  • cash
  • credit cards
  • tissue
  • lip gloss
  • pen
  • mask
  • ear buds

Because I wear glasses and sunglasses, I made one small addition to the already incredibly versatile TuckTop: a fabric eyeglass case. I purchased this one (it comes in a variety of fabric colors and patterns):

functional and stylish TuckTop with eyeglass case

There is a loop at the center front of the TuckTop that holds a pretty gold emblem. I removed the emblem and hooked my eyeglass case there instead, and it works beautifully!

I can truly be hands-free and have everything I need and more, whether I’m heading out for a walk, running an errand, going to an appointment, or traveling on vacation.

How about you? Where can you envision utilizing the stylish functionality of the TuckTop?

Be sure to visit to see all of the current style and color options!

 Use code: Inspiremystyle for 10% off and a free skinny wallet to use with your TuckTop!

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