Inspire Your Life online self development course for women in midlife

Inspire Your Life – A Self Development Plan for Women Over 50

Last Updated on October 30, 2021 by Candi Randolph

Inspire Your Life is a self development plan that I was inspired (no pun intended) to create for women over 50. But I’ll say this: personal development courses take time, effort, perseverance, life experience and a load of time to create! Here is the history of my inspiration and why I went down the path of helping women in midlife with this personal growth course.

Creating content for a blog is a lot of work. There is so much that goes into the creation of just one post…well, at least for me there is…so I find myself researching topics, definitions, theories, options, gathering my data, and more.

As a blogger for women in midlife, my goal is to always be a source of inspiration and motivation for women over 50, by providing useful tips, ideas, and tools to everyday living. If a reader learns something new, makes a decision that takes them in a healthier direction, that is a win for me.

Another aspect of blogging and creating content is interacting and networking with other bloggers as well as communicating with the subscribers to my social media pages and to this blog.

So, I read and study quite a bit, and have learned a lot from, and about, women in midlife.

I found along the way that there were some common themes, questions, challenges and opportunities that are unique to women in this life group, myself included.

While there is no shortage of information available in the internet world on just about any topic or issue you can think of, that can also be a problem. There is SO much out there it isn’t possible to read it all, do it all, experience it all. Information overload!

In my desire to be helpful to women over 50 with these common challenges, and knowing that there is more advice, information, how-to’s and what not out there than can possibly be absorbed, I decided to gather the best personal development tools I could find on the topics that are typically at the top of the “Midlife – What’s Happening to Me and My Body Now” list.

Are you familiar with that list? It includes things like:

  • what in the world is happening to the scale?
  • where did that new wrinkle on my face come from?
  • I thought I had a waistline, but I can’t find it
  • it is so hard to stay focused on healthy eating right now
  • my closet is full of clothes I don’t wear anymore
  • am I helping take care of the grand kids or my mom today?
  • what do I want to do that is just for me, and when can I do it?

This knowledge, along with the life experiences I’ve had in my 60+ years, came together in an online personal development course for women over 50, Inspire Your Life.

The creation of this personal development course, my friends, was quite an experience for me. It took about 9 months from start to finish, as I was also running a business and moved across the country during that time.

Inspire Your Life is now being offered to women who are looking for a re-boot, refresh and renew for their life…some much needed self-care.

Often, we know that we should make some healthy changes, spend some time investing in ourselves. The steps to do this may not be clear to us until someone else points us in that direction. Then it is the ‘aha’ moment and it comes into focus.

Benefits of a Self Development Plan

The online course is offered in a lesson format with video instruction along with some simple activities and plenty of additional resources. You take the course in the privacy of your own home, on your own schedule. It was created to be very flexible in this regard.

Topics and Lessons include:

  • Healthy Eating and why it is so critical
  • Keeping our bodies strong in midlife
  • Taking care of our beautiful face and skin, naturally
  • Discovering our style essence and preferences
  • Staying in touch with our emotional well being
  • Social life…how much do we want?
  • Identifying our goals for the future

There is probably nothing on this list of topics that is brand new to you. But, Inspire Your Life offers a one-stop-shopping philosophy, if you will.

I’ve found the best, most helpful and practical information, advice, tips, programs and plans for women over 50, that address all of the above. You’ll learn a few things that are unique to this course, as well. I created them myself and use them daily. πŸ™‚

The Importance of Personal Development for Women in Midlife

A self development plan for women in midlife, created by a woman in midlife.

Let’s look at the course using an acronym I created, to describe the philosophy in a different way:


INSPIRATION for women in midlife to approach the

NATURAL AGING process with


PURPOSEFUL LIVING that celebrates the present, and motivation that will



ENERGIZE you to go forward with joy and anticipation for the future!

Reviews from past participants of the course have been very positive! It’s important to remember that I’m not trying to ‘fix’ you or solve all of your life’s problems.

However, I am promising to give you the tools you need to refresh and recharge your life, setting a plan for healthy, happy living moving forward. Best of all, the cost for the self development plan is less than $100.

Want to learn more or sign up for the course? Awesome! You can do that right here:

Learn More About Inspire Your Life Right Now!

Offering inspiration and motivation to women over 50 is a passion for me, and I sincerely hope that you will take a few minutes to ponder how this personal development course may benefit you. After all, what better time to invest in yourself than right now?

Inspire Your Life - a personal development plan for women over 50

14 thoughts on “Inspire Your Life – A Self Development Plan for Women Over 50”

  1. This is amazing and I’m inspired already – by your blog and that you’ve developed a course that covers all of these things that are important to us in these years! Having followed your blog, I am excited for the participants because I know everyone will get such high quality material from you! And that you’ve given it your all!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa, I really appreciate your positive comments. Yes, the course covers the issues that we face as women in midlife, so it can be a helpful source of inspiration and motivation!

  2. Congratulations Candi! You have worked so hard to present the course and as someone who helped review it, I would recommend it to all Women Over 50. I loved the theme and the different modules and it is a very professional course. Well done and thanks for sharing at #MLSTL. Good luck! xx

  3. Well-done you on your work to help others. Journeying the path of midlife (and in my case, beyond) is one where it’s good to know you are not alone.

    Denyse #mlstl

  4. Hi Candi – well done on putting so much effort and skill into providing such a great resource to women in their 50’s onwards. Midlife has been such a time of growth and transition for me and I’m sure it is for most women – having a resource like this available for those who are looking for direction is just wonderful.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM πŸ™‚

  5. Way to go Candi! I have friends who are really in a form of chaos and others that are smooth sailors. I am in the middle. Good for you to identify the need and to deliver a product that can help us all during this time of our lives!

  6. That’s terrific. I hit 50 in January and I find it sometimes difficult to adjust to all of the changes. I recently had a hysterectomy so that’s added to it. I’m looking forward to this time in my life though.

  7. Thank you for sharing this information and focusing on those of us 50 plus! It’s great to know the program is available when I am ready for it.

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