Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50: Fashion Tips, too!

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Hey, there, are you ready to dive into the world of swimsuits without the fear of the deep end? Let’s face it, finding the perfect piece of swimwear can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially for us older women who know what we want and aren’t willing to settle for less. But here’s the good news: gone are the days of dread and unease when swimsuit shopping comes around. It’s all about celebrating every body type and knowing that the best bathing suits out there are designed to hug us in all the right places.

best swimsuits for women over 50

Whether you’re looking to make a splash at the pool party or just want to soak up some sun in style, understanding your body shape is a great way to start. From highlighting your best features to giving you that extra boost of confidence, the right swimsuit can do wonders. And lucky for you, I’ve ‘scoured the seas’ to bring you my top picks that are sure to make waves this season.

So, whether you’re a fan of the classic one-piece, love the versatility of tankinis, or are daring enough to rock a two-piece, we’ve got something that will make you look and feel spectacular. Get ready to embrace your beautiful self with our guide to the best swimsuits for women over 50. Trust us, your mirror is about to give you a high five!

My Take on Swimsuit Fashion

Swimsuit fashion, particularly after the age of 50, has not been of particular concern to me in the past. I’m average height and build, with not a lot of extra weight on my middle aged body. I like the look of a modest 2-piece swimsuit so that’s what I would typically wear.

Having lived in South Florida for 12 years (until a couple of years ago) a bathing suit was a wardrobe staple. And, I had more than a few. Pool time was our main social activity when my husband and I would finish our work day.

Fast forward to today, where I am into my mid 60s, and although I still look about the same as far as my weight is concerned, my body is no different than any other woman my age.

It wants to succumb to the call of gravity, and although I work hard at keeping the midlife belly fat under control, the waistline seems to be diminishing. So, perhaps it’s time for me to adjust my bathing suit fashion perspective and move to a one piece swim suit. Hence, the search for the best swimsuits for women over 50.

And you know what? There are some really cool and interesting styles available in one piece suits, as I’m going to show you here. I figured if I was going to go swimsuit shopping, why don’t we all have a look? 🙂

Plus, if I’m going to shop for a bathing suit, let’s just put an entire style together for the pool or the beach. It’s more fun. And, from a functional standpoint, a bathing suit coverup provides some additional modesty for us when we don’t particularly want to sashay across the pool deck or beach in just our swimsuit.

I did my online shopping through, a source that offers just about any style, color, size and price point. And, if you are a Prime Wardrobe shopper, try before you buy!

If you see a bathing suit or other piece that you like, keep in mind that most of these suggestions are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

By the way, if you click on a link and then make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50

Do's and Don'ts of Swimsuit Fashion After 50 including stylish ensembles for the pool or beach.

SWIMSUIT LOOK #1: If you want to show off your cleavage but still maintain some discretion, this one-piece may be the perfect solution, with a center slit of mesh fabric to offer just a peek. I love the neckline, too, as it’s a feminine look without exposing your entire chest

Pair this suit with a colorful, open fringed coverup, floppy hat, stylish sandals and a beach bag that looks like it was made for the outfit. Great find!

Swimsuit(similar) | Coverup | Hat | Beach Bag | Sandals

Bathing suits for women over 50 and over 60

SWIMSUIT LOOK #2: The halter top, retro style look of this swimsuit is an eye-catching style for sure. I love the gauze sarong style wrap and pretty sandals with it.

The navy floppy hat and beach bag complete the look!

Swimsuit (similar) | Coverup | Hat | Beach Bag | Sandals

Swimsuit Fashion After 50
Tips, Do’s and Don’ts

Swimsuit fashion after the age of 50 is much like any other fashion styles…it’s really up to you and how comfortable and confident you are with your body.

Having said that, I’ll give my personal perspective on the subject of beach and pool attire:


  • Try to remember that everyone is not paying as much attention to your flaws and imperfections as you are. They are probably just as concerned about their own body image.
  • Consider purchasing a new swimsuit if yours is more than a few years old, particularly if it has gotten some use. The fabric can wear thin in places you might not see, but others can. (I know this…it happened to me!)
  • Make sure your swimsuit fits correctly, particularly in the bust. If you’re sagging down to your belly button it will definitely put you in the ‘Grandma’ club.
  • Shop for bathing suits that offer tummy control if you want some extra support around the middle.
  • Find a bathing suit that you L-O-V-E-! You will feel great and exude confidence.


  • Let someone talk you into buying a swimsuit that you are not comfortable wearing, because guest what? You’ll never wear it.
  • Try to look like your 20-year-old self again. It will probably result in poor purchase decisions and a look that is not flattering.
  • Wait until you reach that ‘perfect’ weight to buy a swimsuit and enjoy some outdoor time. Instead, shop for a suit that will flatter you and give you confidence with your current body image. Go have some fun.

Swimsuits don’t have to be a matching set. Swim shorts and a coordinating tank or short sleeved water friendly top with built in bra can be a creative way to wear a bathing suit with confidence.

Navy blue shirred front one piece swimsuit for women over 50. A beautiful ensemble.

SWIMSUIT LOOK #3: Navy blue is such a smart color, don’t you think? Always stylish, and this simple one piece bathing suit with shirred front (including tummy control) will look good on just about any figure.

Add color and pretty pattern with the kimono style cover up, flower petal sandals, beach bag and adorable cloche style hat. Such a pretty and feminine look!

Swimsuit | Coverup | Hat | Beach bag | Sandals

More Swimsuit Options for Women Over 50

If a one-piece swimsuit fits your style, it really doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are! These pretty bathing suits span a range of price points and are offered from several sources. When you click on the image you’ll be taken to the sales page to see all of the sizing options.

One shoulder look of this ruffled bodice swimsuit may be the perfect look for you!

SWIMSUIT LOOK #4: If you like some drama with your style, this one shoulder ruffled bodice swimsuit might be the perfect choice.

Add the colorful, tropical fabric of the sarong style wrap, simple flip flops, functional straw beach bag and a foldable crochet look hat and you’ll be stylin’ at the beach!

Swimsuit | Coverup | Hat | Beach Bag | Sandals

Two piece ruffled top with high waist bottom are a style catching duo for your swimsuit attire.

SWIMSUIT LOOK #5: Okay, I know this is a 2-piece bathing suit, but I just loved it so had to add it to the suggestions! If you have a smaller bust and a relatively proportionate figure type, this could be a really cute and youthful option. The high waist of the bottom is key to the style working for us after 50.

The fringed coverup and fedora style hat go well with the vibe of the suit. Add the straw bag and simple black sandals and you’re ready to go!

Swimsuit | Coverup | Beach Bag | Hat | Sandals

More Swimsuit Style Suggestions for Women Over 50

We all are unique, and as such our body shapes and preferences are also unique to us. What works for some women will not be the choice for others. That’s why searching for the best swimsuit for YOU is so important!

Here are some additional options in the category of best swimsuits for women over 50, or any women who wants a look that is flattering but also modest:

Modest and flattering swimsuits for women over 50

Option #1: A capri style bottom will provide more coverage and still allow for swim time, as this two piece bathing suit is constructed for the beach or pool.

Option 2: If you are more comfortable covering up entirely, there are some very pretty and feminine options in swimdresses (similar look).

Option 3: The tankini is also a style that offers additional coverage, like this style with a skirted bottom. I bought this suit after finding it when writing this post, and I really love it! Selecting a bottom that is not a bikini cut is the key…unless that is what you’re looking for…if so, go for it!

Conclusion: Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50

And there you have it, ladies! A treasure trove of swimsuit wisdom that’s as vast as the ocean itself. Whether you’re all about that perfect fit, seeking full coverage without sacrificing style, or just on the hunt for different options that scream ‘you’, we’ve got you covered—quite literally. From the ever-so-charming swim skirt that dances around your legs to swimsuits in bright colors that complement your skin tone beautifully, finding the right amount of coverage has never been this easy (or fun!).

Let’s not forget about our beloved tummy area, shall we? It’s all about giving it the love and support it deserves, with styles designed to offer plenty of support while ensuring a comfortable fit. Because, let’s be honest, confidence is your best accessory when donning swimwear.

As the swimsuit season rolls in, remember, there’s a vast sea of options waiting for you. Whether your preference leans towards the bold and beautiful or the subtle and sophisticated, the key is to choose what makes you feel absolutely fabulous. Dive into this season with confidence, knowing you’ve got the insider scoop on making waves in the best way possible. Here’s to finding that dream swimsuit that not only fits like a glove but also makes you feel like the radiant, beach-ready beauty you are.

Whatever you choose to wear in a bathing suit, just make sure it fits you well, expresses your own personal style and gives you confidence. After all, you’re beautiful just as you are!

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Over 50? Find the right swimsuit for you

9 thoughts on “Best Swimsuits for Women Over 50: Fashion Tips, too!”

  1. These are such great suggestions. I have a few curves, so coverage is key for my comfort in public. I love the navy as a color choice. My current one has a longer fitted skirt in black and a colorful top. I love it!

  2. Great tips. I’ve honestly never given much thought on bathing suit fashion, but then again, where I live, bathing suits are a rare thing to wear unless we go on vacation somewhere.

    1. Hi Sarah, I know that some climates are not conducive to swimwear, so I appreciate you stopping in for a read. Who knows…maybe one day these tips will come in handy. 🙂

  3. Hi Candi, this is one area that I have no confidence in. Although I live in Queensland, Australia with beautiful beaches I am very self-conscious wearing a swimsuit. There are some great designs though and I love a wrap so I don’t feel quite so exposed! You have put together some lovely designs suitable for all shapes and sizes. We are heading into Winter here but it is so mild you can still go swimming. 🙂

    1. Hi Sue, swimsuits make us feel exposed (and we are!) so it’s something that many women lack confidence in, myself included. We have nowhere to hide our physical flaws…but everyone else on the beach or at the pool is doing the same thing, and they probably don’t even notice us. A wrap or coverup is always good to have handy!

    2. And, by the way, I’m jealous of your ability to swim year round…I am really missing that now that I’ve moved!

    1. Candi Randolph

      Thanks, Jean, I do the same thing! I think it helps to show how a swimsuit can become part of a complete beach outfit, too. 🙂

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