Inspiration, Encouragement, and Affirmations for Women in Midlife

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Most of the time we can enjoy our day, see the positives, and look forward to the future with anticipation. Sometimes, though, it can seem like the next few minutes, or hour, or day, seem endless and agonizing.

And of course, there are all of those average and unremarkable days in between.

affirmations for women in midlife

For those times when a gentle nudge of encouragement, a whisper of hope, a reminder of the positives, to overcome negative thoughts, and just because, these inspirations, encouraging words, and positive affirmations for women in midlife are here for you.

Think of them as a gift from me to you, my friend, to help you have the amazing day you deserve. Remember to pin any of the images that speak to you, as a quick reminder when you need it!

Encouragement and Affirmations for Women in Midlife

You Can Do Anything

Sometimes we hesitate to make a decision or take action because (whether we want to admit it or not) we’re concerned about what someone else will think of us. And that can keep us from moving forward. For those times:

You Are Beautiful

It can become a daily harsh reality to get up in the morning and look in the mirror. I know. It happens to me every day. The reality is, I’m getting older every day. My body, my face, my hair…it’s a fact of life. Our body ages naturally of course, but even when we realize that as midlife women it can be difficult to honesty face the image in the reflection and embrace the love.

So, I need to remind myself of this every day. Because it is true, and I will.

How about you?

You Are Enough

You’d think as we pass through our 50s and 60s, the self esteem and confidence would just keep on growing. But that doesn’t happen automatically. Old habits, memories, self-doubts and more, can keep us always questioning ourselves. Our self confidence takes a hit.

But you know what? We are enough, just as we are:

Have Confidence

Knowing and believing that yes, we are enough, translates from our mind and heart onto our face, appearance, and interactions with others. Yes, it really does make us more beautiful!

Love & Respect Yourself

Think about how you would handle something that you want to last for a very long time. What kind of care would you give it?

That is the level of care we should be giving to ourselves, every day, with our actions and activities, what we put into our body, and how we think about ourselves.

As women in midlife, we are experiencing change from every direction.

There are many positives, but the adjustment in our lifestyle, family dynamics, potential relocations, and then everything going on with our bodies (inside and out!) can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

This collection of simple yet inspiring eGuides is packed full of helpful tips, practical information, useful printables, reference material and more. Topics include Wellness, Self Confidence, Fashion, Fitness, & Nutrition.

Recognize Your Value

Undermining or minimizing your own value can be devastating to your confidence and self esteem. It will color your decisions and hold you back, no matter your age.

Embracing your own worth is not self-centered, nor is it something that has to be shouted from the rooftops.

It is a quiet understanding within you that keeps you strong and grounded.

Be Still

I don’t know about you, but I still think I can do 1000 things in a day. Of course I never could accomplish quite that much, even as a young women, although I tried.

As I’ve gotten older it has become more clear to me that the best thing I can do sometimes is…nothing. Just be still and breathe.

Fill Your Cup

Picture an empty cup. What can you get from it? Right…

Now imagine yourself as that cup. If you give so much and don’t take the time to nourish your body, mind, and spirit, there will be nothing left to give. Self care is not for what’s left over, my friend, after you take care of everyone else’s needs.

Make sure your cup is not empty.

You Are a Gift

It’s quite amazing, but true. We are unique and there is no one else in the world quite like us.

That, my friend, is a gift. Maybe today is the day that you need a reminder of just how special you are:

“I Will”

What have you been putting off? It’s much easier to say, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, whether it’s a phone call, a goal we’ve set, a conversation we need to initiate, or a project that needs our attention.

What will you do, today?

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Do you track your workout goals and results? How about other tasks, goals and dreams?

Thinking about a goal is one thing; putting it in writing takes you so much further toward turning it into a reality!

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Know Yourself

Most of us aren’t beautiful by the world’s standards, nor are we well known for our accomplishments or careers. And that’s okay, because those things are nice, but they are not what defines us and gives us confidence.

Since we’ve lived for five or six (or more) decades, the hope is that we’ve realized our worth as individuals, partners, parents, and family members.

Do you need a reminder of where your confidence comes from?

A New Day

It can be so much easier said than done, my friend, but it is so true.

Yesterday is past. We can learn from it but it does us no good to dwell on it.

Instead, consider today as a fresh, new opportunity for you. Embrace it and make the most of today.

You Are Capable

We may be getting older, friend, but we are still strong, capable women who can and should set goals, keep learning and growing.

Today, remember who you are and what you can do!

You Are Strong

This reminder brought a smile to my face, but as I thought about it, Mrs. Roosevelt was absolutely correct.

It those tough times, that “hot water”, that bring out our strength and help us grow, matter our age.

Be Grateful

It’s easy to get caught up in life’s difficulties and challenges, for they are many and never seem to end.

But still, a heart of gratitude will go a long way to bringing peace into your heart and life.

Conclusion: Affirmations for Women

We all have times in our lives when a word of encouragement can make all the difference in the outcome of our day, week, or even affect how we view the future.

Keep this post handy for when you need some self love, some positive energy, some daily affirmations as a midlife woman.

I’m so glad you took the time to read through and ponder these affirmations. I hope that these words of inspiration, encouragement, and affirmation have given you the boost that you need!

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inspiration, encouragement, and affirmations for women over 50

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  1. Thank you so very much!! I was very down today and you helped lift me up!! I’m disabled and have a terminal illness. I have very little energy. Some days this is very emotionally draining! You are always so positive!! I try to be and the LORD put’s things in prospective!! I just needed to hear this from another women today!! May the LORD bless you!!

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