Christmas Wreath Ideas for Your Holiday Home

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There’s something about the Christmas season that always makes me feel warm and cozy. And, I love to decorate my home, even if it’s very simple holiday decor. Hence, the affection for these Christmas wreath ideas!

A Christmas wreath at the front door or in a window sets the holiday tone for anyone who visits, and if you enjoy touring the neighborhood during the holidays you’ll find at least one on almost every home’s exterior.

Christmas wreath ideas for your holiday home

Where did the tradition of hanging a wreath at the door originate?

We have to travel back to the 16th century in the northern and eastern European countries where the tradition of bringing evergreens home during the winter originated.

The trees were pruned to make them look more uniform, or to fit into a room, and in order to use the leftover, smaller branches, the Europeans wove them into wreaths. They did not want to waste anything and so put these small branches to use as decorations.

Originally, Christmas wreaths were utilized as Christmas tree ornaments, and not as individual decoration as we use them today. The wheel-like shape was easy to hang on the tree, and it also represented divine perfection and eternity, as the circle shape has no end.

A German Lutheran pastor named Johann Hinrich Wichern is credited with turning the wreath into a symbol of Advent.

Today, displaying a wreath during the holiday season, or at any time of year, is a popular and affordable way to decorate our homes.

We all have preferences when it comes to holiday decorating, so of course those will apply to a wreath as well. There are so many styles, sizes, price points, colors, and even unique shapes to choose from, as well as locations on the inside and outside of your home.

No worries, my friend. I’ve curated some of my favorites here, and hopefully they’ll be the perfect choice for your holiday decor, or inspire you to find what works best in your home.

You’ll also find some unique choices for hanging your holiday wreath, inspiration to help you start thinking about decorating your home (and examples of creative placements for the Christmas wreath!), and some simple DIY wreath options for those who want to use what they already have to create holiday decor.

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Christmas Wreath Ideas for 2021

Christmas wreath and holiday decor ideas

You’ll find more information for these beautiful Christmas wreaths by hovering over the image. Just click on the image for all of the details.

Decorative Ways to Hang a Wreath

We’re well beyond pounding a nail into a door or wall to display our Christmas wreaths. Sure, some situations require the hammer and nail (or similar), but there are so many beautiful and decorative options to choose from.

Here are just a few that I curated for you. Take a peek. 🙂

LookBook: Wreath Hanging Options

Uniquely Shaped Christmas Wreaths & Decor

Sometimes, the perfect choice for the location in your home is not shaped like a traditional wreath. I like the variety and uniqueness of placing something that’s a bit unexpected, and these suggestions are a great starting point for inspiration.

Take a peek at this LookBook of Uniquely Shaped Christmas Decor

Decorating with Christmas Wreaths – Inspiration

There is so much more you can do with a Christmas wreath than hang it on the front door of your home. I can always count on our friends at for beautiful inspiration when it comes to decorating your home, and Christmas wreaths are no exception.

Here is a slideshow for you that shows just how creative we can get when it comes to holiday decor, wreath-hanging in particular!

DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Okay, for those who want to keep things simple and oh-so-affordable this year, I found some really interesting, fun, and unique ideas for DIY Christmas wreaths.

Just follow the link below the image and visit our friends at Womans Day.

So there you have it, my friends. Christmas Wreath ideas for your holiday home. No matter how simple the holiday season may be, we can always decorate our homes, express our love for the holidays, explore our creative side, and foster lasting memories for those we love.

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Christmas wreath ideas - to buy, to DIY

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