How to Create Your Own Self Care Box (and why you want to have one!)

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We all have days that are not the best. You know…the days we’d rather not repeat very often. Whether it’s our physical health, emotional state, our surroundings, family concerns, health issues and more, life happens. Or should I say, Midlife happens. You know what I mean.

So the thought of having a back up plan as women over 50, an ‘open when needed’ self care kit, is a great little item to have handy.

DIY self care kit for women over 50

Create your own self care box, your perfectly personal DIY self care kit? Even better! I’ve created a free printable for you to use, as you decide what will be in your self care kit. More about that below.

If you click on a link and then decide to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

A DIY Self Care Kit Defined

What is a self care box, or kit? It’s a special collection of personal items that we gravitate to when we need to relax and de-stress. We all have trying days, and we all have things that help up cope, feel better and clear our minds and hearts.

The idea of the DIY self care kit is to take the time and gather those special things, put them all in one place, so when you need them they’re ready and waiting for you!

Why We Want to Have a Self Care Box

We all have those days when an adult time out (not for bad behavior, but for self preservation!) is essential.

As women in midlife, we’ve learned that acknowledging and expressing our feelings will keep us on a healthy path emotionally and physically. If we stuff the stress, disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness, etc. inside, it will ultimately cause us harm.

Why not plan ahead, so when those inevitable moments rush at us, we don’t have to think about what to do or where to find our special stuff. It’s right where it should be.

Create Your Own Self Care Box: What Should It Include?

What we put into our little bundle of comfort is entirely personal and may very well be unique from anyone else. Each item we place in the self care box has a particular meaning as well as the ability to help us feel better, calmer, stronger and at peace.

Let’s think about our five senses, and how we can select items that speak to each of those. Use these suggestions to inspire you as you create your own DIY kit.

1 | A pretty box to hold the contents

create your own self care box

Sure, you could grab an old shoe box or one of those Amazon Prime boxes that add up so quickly, but my preference is to keep the container for my self care kit contents pretty and inviting.

After all, our self care box is supposed to help us feel calmer, relaxed and also to de-stress. A cast aside shoe box just doesn’t do it for me, girls.

I found this pretty flip-top storage box (it has a lovely pattern on the inside, too) at Joann, and it was on sale so I spent less than $10 for it. Works for me.

2 | Touch it…

Bath essentials as part of your self care routine

You might decide that something functional, like a journal or a book that is very special to you will become part of your self care kit, particularly if journaling is something you find therapeutic.

Or, something to make you feel special, like a facial mask or mini spa treatment might be the perfect addition to your kit.

Sometimes spending a little time with a nail kit for a mini manicure or pedicure might be exactly the thing you need to give yourself a respite for a little while.

Soaking salts for a calming bath are another way to let our sense of touch surround us with a relaxing atmosphere for awhile. Nice!

3 | See it…

letters, journals and books for your self care box

What gives you joy and instantly relaxes you? It could that special photo that always brings a smile and happy memory to mind. I have a small key chain photo of my husband and I on our honeymoon in Florida. Whenever I see it I’m reminded of that very special time in our lives, and it renews my memories of him. I’m going to put that little photo in my self care kit.

A favorite book (yes, we touch and see them!) could fill this sense for you, as you read a chapter or two and lose yourself in the story. Or, inspirational quotes that have special meaning might be the right choice for you..

Maybe you’ve saved a letter (yes…actually written on paper) from a loved one. What better place to treasure it than in your very personal special container of self care.

4 | Taste it…

Something to taste that you enjoy, comfort food, for your DIY self care kit

A favorite snack, a chocolate bar (if that’s your thing), some lovely tea or a special type of coffee…something you don’t have every day. Think about what makes you feel better and comforts you. That’s what you want to have ready in your DIY self care kit.

I’m not a big tea drinker, so my special kit will hold a pod or two of my very favorite coffee. That way I’ll always have it available when the time comes that I need to de-stress and enjoy that special aroma and taste.

You might even keep a very special recipe for a beverage or snack, perhaps a meal, that has helped you de-stress and feel better in the past. Store it in your personal care box so it’s handy just when needed.

5 | Smell it…

Calming scent like a candle to relax you, an essential part of self care.

I don’t know about you, but there are certain scents that always take me back to special memories and give me comfort. Replicating those scents will help me to relax almost immediately.

Here are some examples of the types of items you might want to keep in your self care kit:

You may already have your favorite scents to place in your special box. There are certain scents that can help calm specific stressful situations:

Sea Breeze – may remind us of holidays and relaxation, and can help soothe an overactive and worried mind.

Ylang Ylang – is known for it’s relaxing qualities, and can aid issues of anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

Lavender – can help reduce emotional stress and calm the nerves. In the form of essential oil it can help improve tension, depression and headaches. Place it in your bedroom to help you get to sleep a bit easier.

Lemon – effective at calming work stress, improve concentration and overall calming properties.

Grassy notes – freshly cut grass reminds us of those lazy summer days…ah, I can catch the scent right now in my mind! It can help improve our mental state.

Rosemary – can help improve memory as well as reduce feelings of being tired.

You might find that an essential oils kit contains just relaxing scents you’re searching for, and is easy on the budget.

6 | Hear it…

Music to calm and de-stress in your self care kit

Listening to your favorite playlist, or a CD that you love can go a long way toward helping you relax and unwind.

You might have a recording of a significant event that is very meaningful and helps you relax and feel better. Store that in your self care kit.

Sometimes a period of guided meditation is the best way to relax, so if that works for you, be sure to keep a CD as part of your kit.

7 | Other Special Things…

We are all unique creatures, so our DIY self care kits will also be unique. What else helps YOU to relax, unwind, de-stress? Those small items, no matter what they are, should be part of your special box.

Take some time compiling your items so that when the time comes, and it will come, your kit is ready and waiting for you! You’ll find access to the Free Printable I created for you in my Resource Library. You can sign up for access to the password at the bottom of the post. 🙂

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What will go into your DIY Self Care Kit?

As women in midlife, we can all benefit from the reassurance of having this special, personal and comforting container ready and waiting for us when that difficult day or time comes upon us.

Take some time to create a list that is all your own, comprising the things that are close to your heart, help you relax and unwind, and you know will always come through for you. Then, use that list to put your own self care kit together, and store it in a private, accessible place.

The beauty of a self care kit is that you use just what you need at that particular moment. It might be a special snack with some journaling, or your favorite playlist and a long soak in the tub.

So go ahead. Create your own self care box. You get to choose exactly what type of self care you need!

Create your own Self Care box with the help of my Free Printable, found in the Resource Library

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how to make the perfect DIY self care kit

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  1. I have some of those pretty boxes and have unsorted pictures in them. My fav go to snack right now would be dark chocolate. Always got to have my essential oils close by. Something like this would make a great gift!

  2. I love your idea Candi and it actually was different to what I was expecting. When I read DIY self-care kit I immediately thought of bath oils/salts, moisturizers and candles but your ideas are different and perfect for a self-care kit. I’m inspired to make my own and like you I would use something pretty as a container, I like the idea of putting a photo that relaxes me and also wouldn’t have thought about a journal. Thank you for sharing your idea at #MLSTL and I’m sure this would also make a lovely gift for someone. I might make some for Christmas. Enjoy your week! xx

  3. Candi those pictures were all so beautiful – I feel relaxed and enriched just from looking at them! I don’t have all those pretty things in my home – I seem to be too practical to collect them, but you’ve inspired me to spoil myself a little next time I see something pretty that I can pamper myself (or someone else with) x
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

  4. As another self-care advocate, I love this kit. Like Sue says, it’s so different from what one was expecting. With DIY I was expecting to see recipes for scrubs or salts. Instead, I find a different take on self-care one that focuses on your inner healthcare. Thanks for sharing this.

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