Goal Setting Ideas: 10 Ways to Make Your Life Better This Year

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Isn’t it just exciting when a new year rolls around? It’s like life hands us a crisp, clean page and says, “Go on, girlfriend. Write your own story.” Suddenly, New Year’s resolutions aren’t just a good idea—they become our roadmap to an even more fabulous version of ourselves.

You see, one of the best ways to make your life better this year is by setting goals. Yep, you heard it right. It’s not about creating a never-ending to-do list that will leave you overwhelmed. Oh no, it’s about setting meaningful, achievable targets. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone, dreaming big, and saying, “I’ve got this.”

goal setting ideas for women in midlife

It can be challenging, though, as we travel through midlife. As women over 50 and 60, our work life may be behind us, our family life may have changed, our body certainly is evolving with age. When you put all of them together it can create a feeling that it doesn’t really matter what we do because we’re just getting older. Goal setting ideas? Some of you may wonder if you’re past the time in your life for that sort of thing.

I get it.

It can be difficult to set personal development goals when you are unsure of where your life is going or what you want out of it. The changes in our world since 2020 have impacted what we do, where we go, and how we live.

But we’re still living, friend. And just because we’re getting older and life can be difficult doesn’t mean that we stop setting goals for learning, growing, developing as individuals, and becoming all that we can be.

Some of us are by nature goal-setters, others are more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants personalities, and many are somewhere in between.

The new year offers a fresh start, literally, from the past 365 days, so for many people, it’s the optimal time to start something new and consider some goal ideas and practical tips.

The first step? It’s simple: decide what you want. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about learning a new language or finally taking that painting class. Perhaps your goal is to write that novel that’s been brewing in your mind or simply to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Whatever it is, it’s time to turn those dreams into new goals.

And here’s a great idea: Instead of keeping those goals tucked away in a corner of your mind, let’s get them out in the open. Let’s put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, chalk to blackboard—whatever works for you—and create an action plan. Because nothing screams “I mean business” like a well-thought-out, step-by-step plan, right?

So, are you ready to make this year the best one yet? Of course, you are! Let’s dive into these 10 goal-setting ideas and start making magic. Here’s to big goals, new adventures, and a year filled with joy, growth, and fulfillment. Let’s do this, ladies!

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Goal Setting Ideas and Tips for a Better, Happier You

goal setting ideas and tips for a happier healthier you

Here are 10 ideas to help inspire and motivate you to want to create achievable goals for 2022.

We’ll discuss some specific goal ideas as well, but first, we have to take the step to hold ourselves accountable. The first five ideas and tips revolve around our mindset.

1 | reset your thinking

One of the biggest obstacles in goal setting is letting go of old ways of thinking and resetting our perspective in order to find new motivation. Once we let go of things like:  

“I’m too old for that,” “My body can’t handle that anymore,” “Things are so different than when I was in my 20’s”, etc.

Then we can stop limiting ourselves and set some smart goals that will work for who we are, who we want to become, where we’re at with our bodies, and what is achievable with physical limitations.

Our world has changed dramatically since 2020, and the past year was a tough one for many.

We still have to be smart about what we do, but our bodies are capable of learning things that would surprise us if we let go of self-imposed limitations. We are resilient and tough, friends.

2 | decide what you want to learn, change, or do

It’s a challenge to find our way through the journey of life, but having some sort of map or guide can help shape us into who we want to become, no matter our age. This is an essential when it comes to goal setting ideas.

Goals provide that road map for reaching specific milestones and determining where you are from one year to the next.

I’ve heard from women in midlife who feel like they’ve lost their purpose since retiring. It is a huge change, and when added to life’s other unexpected twists and turns it can feel paralyzing.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck, my friend. Make a decision to move forward and decide what you want to change, what you need to do, in order to make that happen.

And remember, 2022 is the perfect time to make changes that will be long-lasting and beneficial for your life, even if you can only make small steps towards them, whether they are personal goals, health goals, or for some, career goals .

3 | weekly, monthly, or annual goals

Consider different scenarios and what is best for those areas of your life.

For some, the idea of setting a goal for the entire year is totally overwhelming, but taking a very small step and setting a weekly goal is something that seems attainable. Realistic goals can be challenging but still attainable, and that is what you want to think about.

It really comes down to: YOU. Your personality, your surroundings, your physical health and abilities, your emotional health…all of the parts that make up who you are and how you move through life will impact the type of personal goals you set.

4 | be kind to yourself

You are human, after all. And that is what makes us incredibly special. We can’t just hop out of bed in the morning and say “I’ll be happy today!” Well, we probably could, but it doesn’t last for long if we do nothing to maintain our happiness.

So you’re back on your journey of self-discovery and reaching your full potential, whatever that may be. You’ll read books, get advice from others, you might even hire help if it’s financially feasible for you to do so.

And along the way you’ll fail…you’ll fall back into old habits, but don’t let that discourage you! That is all part of the process.

So, this year, whether you are single or have a spouse/partner, are financially stable or are struggling to make ends meet, have adult kids and grandkids or none at all…whatever your situation is currently should not determine what goals you set for yourself. Creating goals doesn’t mean that life will be easy and without struggle.

So be kind to yourself if you take one step forward and two steps back sometimes…keep moving forward and you will get there.

5 | what makes you happy

What you’re after, my friend, is to set goals for yourself that will make your life fuller, happier, and more rewarding. That may mean taking on a new hobby, reaching out to others for support, it could even just be the decision of starting your day with something positive instead of negative thoughts.

No matter what it is for you, or the areas of your life under consideration, just remember that the most important thing to do with your goal setting is to be happy.

Being true to yourself and living a life you are happy with can be incredibly rewarding, so take the time as the new year begins to think your own life, and what will make your year ahead fulfilling for who YOU are as an individual.

SMART framework for goal setting

6 | be SMART about it

What is a smart goal? SMART is an acronym for five common characteristics of successful goal setting, so they are pretty important things to consider when determining what your specific short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals should be.

Let’s break down the philosophy of smart goals:

Specific – Your goals should be clearly defined and not left to interpretation.

Measurable – You want to set a goal that you can actually track your progress against. Tracking goals is essential to knowing if you are actually meeting them.

Attainable – Set attainable goals that are possible to accomplish within the time frame you have allotted, but challenging enough for growth and development as an individual.

Relevant – Your goals should be relevant to your life, what you want out of it, and who you are becoming.

Time-bound – Set a time frame for achieving the goal that gives you enough time to reach it but not so much time that you lose motivation or get distracted.

Smart goals really do make sense and are created in a way that will help us be more successful at achieving them.

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Do you track your workout goals and results? How about other tasks, goals and dreams?

Thinking about a goal is one thing; putting it in writing takes you so much further toward turning it into a reality!

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7 | Areas of life that may benefit from short-term and long-term goals:

Health & Fitness Goal Ideas

Set some realistic fitness goals you’d like to achieve by 2022. Maybe it’s fitting into your favorite jeans again, lose weight, maybe your goal is to build up some muscle, or perhaps it’s learning how to play a new instrument.

Home & Personal Life Goal Ideas

Do you want to be debt free by a certain time? Or maybe just get rid of all of the junk in your house by spring time. Learning something new – there are so many cool things you can learn, take a class or work towards an online certification.

Spirituality Goal Ideas

Take up some of that free time and volunteer at your local food bank, have regular meditation sessions with friends once a week, read some of the classics, spend some time memorizing scripture.

Journaling is another great way to enhance your spirituality and bring order and focus into your life.

goal setting ideas for women over 50

8 | Weekly goal ideas:

Health & Fitness

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some sort of physical activity.
  • Eat 3 healthy meals and snacks, and prepare meals ahead of time.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily. I know it seems like a lot but we often underestimate how much we need to drink and the food we actually eat and drink is not as nutritious as what could be.

Home & Personal Life

  • Spend at least 2 hours a week working on organizing rooms in your house, or purge one room/area of the junk you don’t need.
  • Organize something – filing folders, closets, cabinets, drawers.
  • Create new systems for things like paying bills or scrap booking.
  • Make time to prioritize self-care and rest.

Learning something new

  • sign up for a free online course such as Khan Academy, Coursera, etc.
  • Practice your Spanish or Chinese with Duolingo?
  • Teach an adult how to read or write?
  • E-mail friends and family you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up on life.
  • Journaling – spend at least 5 minutes a day writing down your thoughts, feelings, or ideas. If you feel like you have nothing to say then write about that.

9 | Monthly goal ideas:

Health & Fitness –

  • Spend at least one night a week doing something active with friends – yoga, walking, etc.
  • Go vegan for a month and follow the rules, or just eat more veggies.
  • Commit to a specific workout plan for one month and follow through with it.

Home & Personal Life –

  • Get rid of at least 10 things in your house this month – either give it away, sell it, whatever works for you.
  • Buy flowers for your home and enjoy them all month long.
  • Set up a new organizational system in your house – create zones for different things.

Learning something new –

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a week learning about something that interests you, watch some YouTube videos on that topic or read an article or two.
  • Sew a dress? Paint a picture?
  • Retile your kitchen backsplash? Consider tackling a simple DIY home renovation project that can be accomplished in about 30 days or less.

10 | Yearly goal ideas:

Health & Fitness –

Home & Personal Life –

  • Make plans to remodel, renovate, or relocate
  • Take 6 months off, get away by living in another part of the country or the world (in my dreams, but if you can do it, why not?)
  • Share your passion, skill, or hobby by creating a website

Learning something new –

  • Train for a yoga teacher certification course
  • Learn to play an instrument or other new skill
  • Take an online photography course
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Resources to Help: Goal Setting Ideas

It’s one thing to read about why we create goals, but actually putting a personal goal into action can give us pause. Why? Well, it means that we have to step out into the unknown.

While I can’t do it for you, girlfriend, I can give you some resources that may help you take that step and move forward in 2022.

  • If your goal is related to physical activity and weight management, Mighty Health is a wonderful app and program that encompasses your total physical and emotional well being. I highly recommend giving this program a try if you’ve found it difficult to stay the course with exercise and nutrition.
  • If you have a goal of doing some writing or using a bullet journal, here is a helpful post along with the resources to get you going: Bullet Journaling 101
  • Take a course to jumpstart your life and determine your goals
  • Give yourself the gift of a fresh start for your body, mind, and spirit with this simple email series course, Fresh Start Challenge. It’s the perfect introduction to setting and accomplishing your goals.

Conclusion: 10 Goal Setting Ideas for a Better Year Ahead

Well, friends, we’ve reached the end of our goal-setting journey together. But don’t worry, this isn’t goodbye—it’s just the beginning of an exciting new chapter filled with new skills, hard work, and the sweet joy of achievement.

By now, you’ve got a pretty solid idea about the types of goals that resonate with you. And hey, isn’t it fascinating how different we all are? Some of us are drawn to larger goals that stretch out over the entire year. Others prefer breaking things down into manageable monthly goals. Whatever floats your boat, right?

And speaking of boats, remember there’s no easy way to row ours across the ocean of ambition. It’s going to take some serious elbow grease, but I know you’re up for it. Why? Because you’re fabulous, that’s why!

So, whether your new year’s goals involve learning a new language, writing that novel, or simply spending more time with the people you love, remember this: it’s all about taking that first step. And then the next one. And then the one after that. Before you know it, you’ll be ticking off those specific goals one by one and saying, “I did it!”

So here’s to setting goals in different ways, to celebrating both small victories and big wins, and to making this year truly, undeniably, spectacularly yours. You’ve got this, ladies!

Remember, hard work might seem daunting, but it also brings us closer to our dreams. And who doesn’t want to live their dream life? So let’s roll up our sleeves, put on our game faces, and show this year what we’re made of. After all, if not now, when?

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10 goal setting ideas and tips for the year ahead

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  1. Thank you!! This article was very motivating to me!! Since my husbands retirement I feel we’ve gotten in a rut!! My best friend and I have decided we want to learn to chrochet ??? and Knit!! We’re very exciting by this!! I realize with my neropathy it may be difficult for me but I was told I just need to use bigger needles. I personally want to up my cross- stiching??? game and do more!! Then I would like to embroidery!! This will be a great year!! I have several things that I must have done because of back pain but I’m willing to do what I need to do to get out of pain. I will also keep decluttering & oraganizing my house this year with my best friend. I’m disabled & completely unable to do it by myself!!!! I’m very fortunate to have a friend that helps me!!! I also plan on taking several classes on not spending for more clothes but on how to stop spending & how to use your wardrobe more effectively!! I’m excited about that a little later in the year!! I’m going to work on my diet & lose some weight I gained at the end of 2022!!! I just have to be more mindful of what I eat & how much!! I’m on a strict diet being Gluten-Free for medical reasons and having to eat a dialysis diet!!! Following both of these and also following a diabetic diet because of my husband diabetes makes it pretty strict. Because I’m not a diabetic I still have honey in my tea and some hard candy at dialysis. I pray you have a blessed Christmas!!! May the LORD bless your New year!!! Your such a inspiration to me!!! Continue posting please!!! Natalie K.

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