Sunday morning walk on Fort Myers Beach

Sunday Morning Walk on Fort Myers Beach

Last Updated on August 17, 2019 by Candi Randolph

There is something about walking on the beach near the water that I find calming, relaxing and inspiring.

This morning I went for a walk on Fort Myers Beach, which is about 10 minutes from home (when there aren’t 5 million seasonal visitors and snow birds here), a nice, short drive on an early Sunday morning. It is warm and humid here right now, a bit more of each than typical, but summer is just around the corner so we may as well get used to it 🙂

I love to take photos of the beach and surrounding area, so this morning I documented my walk to share with you.

A Sunday Morning Walk on Fort Myers Beach

Ft Myers Beach Times Square parkingParking near Times Square is simple and easy at 8 am on a Sunday morning. All I had to do was park, pay and be on my way. There are Pay Stations throughout this and every parking area as well as on the streets of downtown Fort Myers Beach. You can pay with cash or a credit card, $2.00 per hour, but no change will be given so think before you slip in that $10.00 bill.

There are also parking lots throughout the area, and the rates fluctuate with the individual lot. I only wanted to stay for an hour or two, so the metered parking was perfect.

Times Square at Ft Myers Beach in the morningThings were pretty quiet in Times Square around 8 a.m. when I arrived, which is typical. The restaurants that offer breakfast were open but not too many takers at this time of the morning. The place on the left with the blue umbrella tables is one where I’ve enjoyed many a breakfast. It is called Plaka. It’s right near the center of Times Square so there is always something going on around you if you’re eating there. It’s a fun place to have a meal.

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Quiet time at Fort Myers BeachThe beach is still quiet at this time of the morning, which I love. The sound of the water is not yet interrupted by music and thousands of people talking and laughing. It’s all good, and I love that energy, too, but early morning is great for a more laid back vibe.

Quiet time in Fort Myers BeachA mixture of clouds and sun makes for some beautiful photos. I took this shot from the pier (you can see it in the photo at the top of the post). Everyone is just beginning to wake up, with the beach front businesses unloading and setting up the chairs and umbrellas for the beachgoers. There will be many of them today, as we’ve had so much rain lately the beach time has been minimal.

Sunday morning walk on Ft Myers Beach

Birds on posts at Ft Myers BeachAs you might expect, there are plenty of birds in the area. There are usually birds sunning themselves on these posts, and today was no exception. There was also a pelican scouting out some breakfast 🙂

Anyone who has spent time in Fort Myers Beach, FL is probably familiar with the Lani Kai, a beachfront hotel that is known for housing lots (I mean LOTS) of Spring Breakers in February and March each year. It’s pretty quiet there now as it is early, but throughout the year they’ll have music and activities in the afternoon.

My husband and I used to enjoy standing in the shallow water in front of the Lani Kai and doing some serious people watching while we enjoyed some sun.

I noticed that they were now serving Starbuck’s coffee, so of course I had to check that out! I trekked up a flight of stairs to the Casablanca Cafe for a small cappuccino.

Coffee at the Lani Kai in Ft Myers BeachIt was an enjoyable break to sit at one of the picnic tables and sip my cappuccino. Of course I had to have a treat to go with it, so there was also a banana muffin present that didn’t make it into a photo. Someone ate it.

Heavenly Biscuit in Ft Myers Beach, FL

Another breakfast stop that I didn’t make this morning, but absolutely LOVE, is the Heavenly Biscuit. It’s a tiny cottage located on the corner of Estero Blvd and Mango St, that has been converted into a breakfast cafe, and the biscuit creations, cinnamon rolls and bread puddings are to die for.

They also contain lots of calories, so I opted out of that for today.

Egg biscuit and bread pudding at the Heavenly Biscuit in Ft Myers Beach, FL

But, here is a photo I took last summer, 4th of July as I recall, when I decided to go for it and purchased both an egg biscuit and bread pudding. No…I didn’t eat it all in one sitting. I posted the photo on Google and it’s had about 5,000 views. We do love our food, don’t we?

Fort Myers Beach on a Sunday morning

As I was completing my walk, about 3 miles total, the beach was quickly becoming busier with sunbathers, walkers and families just having a good time.

Feet on Ft Myers Beach

My Sunday morning walk on Fort Myers Beach was a relaxing and enjoyable time, but also bittersweet.

I experience all of those feelings every time I am there, as my late husband and I made so many memories on the beach. So there is a twinge of sadness as I walk past the many establishments and special beach spots that we enjoyed.

But, it’s still one of my favorite places in the world to spend time at, and I’m so grateful that Fort Myers Beach, FL is just a short drive from home!

How about you? Do you have a favorite beach spot? Tell us about it in the comments section!

See Fort Myers Beach on a morning walk

21 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Walk on Fort Myers Beach”

  1. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning, Candi. Our apartment is one block back from the beach so when we visit I love walking along the Esplanade down to the cafes and shops. If I go in the opposite direction it is all beach. You can walk along the one stretch of beach for miles. Thanks for sharing your Sunday morning walk. See you at Midlife Share the Love Party this week.

  2. Candi Randolph

    It sounds like your apartment is located in a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be at the MSLP this week.

    1. Candi Randolph

      I know…you’re heading into the cold weather now. Just come back and look at these pretty pictures when you feel like a warm weather beach walk!

  3. Great pictures and I felt I was with you as I read your post! Don’t have a real beach near me but my husband extended the gardens and the strip of grass he removed and put in sand so we have our own beach in our back yard without any water!

  4. This is our dream… to retire to Florida and be close enough to the beach that we can walk those sandy pathways anytime we desire.

    We took a family vacation to Pensacola Beach this past October and really enjoyed the feel of that community. I would like to investigate other Gulf Coast beaches though… all in the name of research 🙂

    1. Candi Randolph

      Yes, research is very important! 🙂 I would love to explore the coast of Florida someday, up to an including the Panhandle. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. There is nothing like a walk close to the water to make me relax. When we are in Fl for the winter I walk every day by the water. We live in Ohio so not much water to walk by here.

  6. My favorite beach is North Topsail Beach in NC. When I lived in Wilmington, I would drive to Topsail every weekend and spend my earlier morning exploring the beach, and afternoons swimming or shore fishing. Just wonderful.
    Great post, nice pictures!

  7. Some of my favorite beach spots are in Florida especially Panama City Beach. But I’m curious, you have to pay for beach parking in Fort Myers? Most places in Florida that’s I’ve been to have all these little free pull in parking lots to the beach. It’s one of my favorite things about the state because in CT to get to a beach you either have to be a Townie (have a sticker on your windshield to get into a town beach parking lot) or pay to get into a state park.

    1. Candi Randolph

      Hi Jennifer…yes, we do have to pay to park at the beach now, usually $2 per hour if the meters and pay stations are used. The county sticker is valid at the north end of the beach, and that’s what I usually do. Oh well, it’s still worth it to me 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi, Candi – This is a very timely post! I’ve been to the Fort Myers Beach and absolutely loved it! I also read this post on the beach in Tofino (Vancouver Island, BC). We are so fortunate to have easy access to such amazing beaches!

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