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Six Sure Ways to Stay Motivated in the Gym

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2019)

Are you searching for workout motivation tips? Need a nudge to stay motivated in the gym? I think we can all relate to these challenges, my friends.

I’m honored to have an experienced expert, a woman in her 60’s, to encourage and spur us on to action! Phyllis Lerner is the founder of Follow Phyllis, and she is a woman who truly lives by example, with over 40 years of experience in the fitness arena.

As a Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer focused on working with women in midlife, Phyllis brings a wealth of knowledge to the topic.

Here is what Phyllis has to say:

One of the biggest misconceptions about women who live an active and fit life is that it comes easy to them. The truth is, there is no magical gene that makes some of us more inclined to become a gym rat. Nor is there a lazy gene that makes some of us more inclined to become a couch potato. Like most good things in life, committing to a long term fitness routine is hard work. 

Through my decades of working out and eating right – yes, ladies, I am 68 and proud!!! – I’ve uncovered a few tricks that have helped keep me motivated in the gym.

I find that these tips are particularly helpful during the holiday season, as there’s more temptation around (hello holiday treats and cocktails). Not to mention, less daylight and cold weather often deters a lot of people from going outside or getting in their cars to head to the gym.

How to Stay Motivated in the Gym – Workout Motivation Tips

Six sure ways to stay motivated in the gym

Here’s how I keep myself in check: 

1 | Make It a Date

Whether you use your iPhone calendar or a planner that you carry in your purse, make it a habit to schedule your workouts. Would you miss a doctor’s appointment or a commitment to see a friend? Probably not. Your health and happiness deserve that same respect. 

2 | Dress for Success

Even if I have a lot to do before I can get to the gym, I often find myself putting my workout clothes on ASAP. This helps me get into the mindset that I am going to make it to the gym, and by the time I get there, I am ready to go.

I also think it’s fun to treat yourself to a great new sports bra or pair of leggings when you’re really sticking to your routine. You’re not only rewarding yourself here, you’re also building out your fitness wardrobe. You’ll surprise yourself by how excited you’ll be wearing your new gear next time you hit the gym. 

3 | Shake It Up

From time to time, we fall into monotonous routines for the sake of convenience – but this will work against you in the gym. Do yourself a favor and mix things up.

Make a few days a week cardio-specific, and others all about weight-training. Try different machines, different weights – you can even use your own body weight. By alternating workouts, you won’t give your mind or body the chance to plateau. 

4 | Take a Chance

Are you intimidated to sign up for a class or try a new gym? You’re not alone – especially if it’s a new type of workout. Sixty-five percent of women actually avoid the gym over a fear of being judged, according to a survey of 1,000 people across the U.S. by Fitrated.

But that should be even more reason to take a class. Odds are, more than half of the women in the there will be feeling the same way you do. The best case scenario? You find a new type of workout that you like, and you’ll be excited to sign up for the next class.

The worst case scenario? You don’t like it, but you still tried something different and got a work out in. Make it an effort to make yourself more comfortable in these types of scenarios.

5 | Call a Friend

If you’re going through a rut, phone a friend and ask them to join you for your next workout. Most gyms offer guest passes to members, so even if they don’t belong to the same facility as you, they can still visit.

Better yet – ask your friend to do the same and take you to their gym, as well. A change of scenery is always great, and you’re more likely to make a workout if you’ve planned to do it with someone else.

6 | Let Yourself Eat Cake

I mentioned it earlier, but rewarding yourself can go a long way. If you make it to the gym for seven days straight, do something for yourself. Take a day off. Get a new pair of shoes. See a friend. Go get that holiday-flavored latte you’ve been pining for.

To stay motivated, you have to recognize your success – big and small. Give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Being a middle-aged or older woman at the gym isn’t easy – but it’s powerful, and it’s worth it. 

Phyllis Lerner, founder of Follow Phyllis

Phyllis Lerner has over forty years of experience in the fitness arena. She has worked as a Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer for many years focusing on middle aged women, and has designed an approach to health that is easy, understandable, realistic and attainable. Her website motivates, teaches, and encourages middle-aged women to be their very best through exercise, nutrition, fashion and beauty. Phyllis likes to have fun and her positive outlook is infectious.

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workout motivation tips for women over 50


  • Shari

    Great suggestions. I exercise daily (not at the gym every day!), but really do need to change it up regularly to avoid boredom.

    • Candi Randolph

      I agree, Shari, the same workout over and over can get old after awhile, so a fresh approach really helps. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Phyllis Lerner

    It’s so important to “freshen up” your exercise routine periodically, just like you do your clothes. I usually find after about three months it’s time to review and adjust! ~ Phyllis

  •   The daily needs of the body for constant activity and movement have always been one of the positive things that can have a good effect on your mood and body and keep you alive and well.

    • Candi Randolph

      Hello, thanks for visiting the site. Yes, regular movement and exercise are one of the essentials for healthy living and aging.

  • I always admire people who are regular gym goers. I hate the idea and the thought of being surrounded by other sweaty people. I’m a walker and a breather – although I have started going to an exercise class that is less full-on than the gym, but still stretches me a little. Keeping fit and healthy is so important and it’s great to see how well it’s worked out for you Phyllis – you look great!
    Candi, thanks for linking up this with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 🙂

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Leanne, although it’s been years since I was a gym regular myself, many people find it motivating and helpful. Whatever works to keep us strong and fit is a good thing. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Debbie Harris

    Lots of great tips here Candi, we all need ideas from time to time, as to how to continue getting the best from gym/exercise session. Pinned for #mlstl

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Debbie, I agree that those periodic reminders and motivators are essential. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Boy, did this post speak to me…now to get my hubs to read it. We were doing so very well working out and eating healthier and then we hit a wall. We are kind of down in the dumps over here and that translates into lazy evenings, promising each other we will go to the gym tomorrow.

    The tip about getting dressed to work out is a good one. And treating myself to cute gym clothes is helpful, too.

    Hope we can get back at it tomorrow…for real!!

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Leslie, yes…tomorrow is a new day! I agree that a new workout outfit might be just the ticket to push you out the door and on to the gym. 🙂

  • Joanne Tracey

    Great tips. Motivation wanes for all sorts of reasons and sometimes you just have to lace those trainers up and do it. Thanks for sharing #MLSTL

    • Candi Randolph

      Absolutely, Jo! Sometimes we have to just tell ourselves that it must be done for our own good. I’m always glad afterwards, too, that I got the workout in, even if it was a short one.

  • Jennifer

    Great tips. I remember when I first started going to the gym, it was my friend who dragged me there all the time until I was ready to start going on my own.

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Jennifer, having a friend or buddy to provide motivation can make all the difference in getting out to the gym. Like you, it becomes a healthy habit and then we’re good on our own. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Christina Daggett

    Thanks Candi, for having Phyllis, a very inspiring personal trainer, as a guest writer on your blog. Her tips have motivated me to shake up my routine, in the gym, for better results.

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Christina, yes, Phyllis knows her stuff and lives it every day. Glad her words gave you some motivation!

  • Christie Hawkes

    Thank you Candi and Phyllis. These are great tips. I was in a real rut a couple of years ago. Though I was still working out regularly, I was bored. Then I tried Orangetheory Fitness. For now, that is still doing the trick. Each class is a little different, and they are classes that I have to schedule in advance (and pay for if I miss). I also have a friend that goes with me. Also, I change into my gym clothes before leaving work. That way I’m less inclined to change my mind and go home instead. #MLSTL

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Christie, I think you’re really smart to put the workout clothes on before leaving work! That in itself is a motivator to get to the gym. You have a healthy routine going and it shows. 🙂

  • Erica/Erika

    Hi Candi, Thank you for introducing Phyllis to me. I am pretty okay on the fitness level, although, okay is not really good enough. I appreciate learning new methods, mixing it up and I always need help with motivation. Many great points. I think about doing #6 “rewarding yourself” although I don’t usually make a plan. Your post has encouraged me to write down and plan rewards, too. Thank you for an informative post with doable suggestions:) #MLSTL and sharing on SM

    • Candi Randolph

      Hi Erica, I’m so glad you found this post helpful! Rewarding ourselves can be a powerful motivator to reach our goals, and I wish you much success. Thanks for sharing, too!

  • Fitoru mct

    Good suggestions! Having great motivation is very important in making a fitness goal in the gym successful.

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