flattering workout clothes for 60 year-old woman

Flattering Workout Clothes for Older Women – Comfortable & Affordable Activewear

(Last Updated On: April 7, 2022)

When I workout it’s not so important for me to look like a women’s active wear model as it is for me to get in the right sort of exercise for a woman over 60. That’s the ultimate goal. But, I’ll admit that wearing flattering workout clothes for older women doesn’t hurt, either. I’m always aware of how I look when I walk out the door, whether it’s to get in my walking workout, hop over to the grocery store or head to church. Of course I want to look my best.

So when I decided that it was time for some new active wear for my workouts, I headed over to one of my favorite stores, Target. I know Target carries the Champion brand of workout outfits, some available as sets and many as separates.

Champion sportswear has a great reputation as well as affordable pricing, so for me that’s a win/win. Spending a lot of money on any type of clothing is just not my thing. Prices for the workout clothes range from $15 to $30 in this group.

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Flattering & Comfortable
Workout Clothes for Older Women

Flattering workout clothes for 60 year-old woman

There’s nothing worse than trying to get in your best workout and being constantly sidetracked by underwear and workout clothes that don’t fit properly. Been there, done that. As my husband used to say, it ain’t no fun.

So the first thing I did was to keep in mind that I am a woman over 60, and workout clothes for a 60-year-old woman were what I should be shopping for. I still look pretty good for my age, but I know that there are styles that will not make me feel comfortable and focused, so the younger woman cropped tops and shorty bottoms are off the table, at least for me.

Having said that, I also feel that we should dress in a way we’re comfortable with. If you’re rockin’ a workout outfit that shows some skin, yay for you! I will do that in the privacy of my own home for sure, but for me, the comfort level in public is to cover up a bit more of my stuff.

These suggestions and tips will work for you, too, if you’re searching for exercise clothes for a 70 year-old woman. Athletic wear for older ladies covers a wide range of age groups, my friend!

In my search for active wear that is going to work for me right now and allow for a comfortable and confident workout, there were some ‘must haves’ on the list:

Well fitting sports bra

The selection of a sports bra was pretty simple for me, as my girls are relatively compact and don’t do much jiggling. So I selected a pull-over bra with a cross back.

Just about everything I wear has black in it somewhere, and the workout clothes are no exception. You can see by the images black and grey with a touch of accent colors are what I gravitated to.

A well fitting sports bra will not only give you the physical support you need for the bust area, it can also blend right into the workout outfit you’re wearing and become part of the overall style.

I’m a tank top sort of girl, and even though the arms are not what they used to be, I still love to wear a tank when working out. With a sports bra underneath it becomes part of the outfit rather than looking like my bra is showing.

Try on a number of different styles until you find a sports bra that works for you. Specifically, consider how you put it on and take it off:

  • slip on over the head
  • fasten at the back
  • zip up the front

Here are some examples of sports bras that provide more support. They are all from the Champion line, offered through Amazon:

While we’re talking about the undergarments, wearing comfy panties makes all the difference for me, how about you?

I’ve found good success with Icon Undies. The reason I like them is that they are pee proof, with an extra layer of protection for those annoying little “after tinkles” that have become a part of my life.

There is no need to wear any additional pad so they feel just like regular undies. I have washed and dried mine on the gentle cycle with cold water for almost 2 years, and am still wearing them.

The only negative I can find is this: after I finish a work out and am all sweaty (including my bottom), the fabric feels damp and I sometimes change them for a fresh pair. Other than that I love mine and highly recommend them.

Workout Tops that provide coverage and comfort

workout clothes for 60 year-old woman

If the goal is to wear a workout top that is flattering and comfortable, think about 1) what activity you’re going to be doing and 2) what you want to cover up. Arms? Belly fat? Rear end? Do you care???

What is most important is that the top works well for YOU!

As you would expect, all of the fabrics are moisture wicking and quick drying, breathable and most have odor control, all of the details that help with comfort when working out.

For me, a tank is always on the list. I can still tuck in a tank and be okay with the comfort and look, but I also like the look of an outside, looser fitting tank, like the one shown on the top left above as well as here:

gym wear for over 50s

This is called a running tank in the Champion collection and has some beautiful and functional detail on the back. I love the red piping as well as the pretty floral inset on both sides. I typically wear a small or medium depending on the style and cut. This top is a small and works well for me.

The workout top in the upper right corner is a women’s short sleeve power mesh t-shirt. Notice the length in the front and back (the back dips lower), which is great for covering your rear end and tummy.

The black fabric is actually the mesh part, so the styling is attractive. I’m wearing a medium which gave me plenty of room and flexibility.

The striped short sleeve shirt with side tie shown in the lower right corner is a fun workout top. I left the tie quite loose, but you can tie it tighter to bring up the length as well as the fit. I’m wearing a small and it fit just right.

Find Womens Champion Brand workout tops from Target here.

And, find some well-priced Champion tops from Amazon here:

A Jacket to create a complete outfit for women’s activewear

comfortable workout clothes for mature women; activewear for seniors

The wonderful thing about keeping your workout clothes in the same line, like Champion, is the ability to mix and match, and look good as a result.

There are SO many fabric and color variations in athletic wear for older ladies! If you want to look the least bit put together and confident, try to stay with one line.

This is the full zip track jacket from Champion. I love the fitted look and feel. It’s just long enough to cover the black workout tank top.

If I finish a workout and want to run to the store, out for a bite to eat, or any other type of errand, I know that I’ll be able to take care of business and look put together enough to feel confident. That’s what having flattering workout clothes is all about, my friends.

My top may be sweaty underneath but I’m still smilin’ 🙂

This is just one of a variety of jacket styles offered by Champion. Here are several others:

Bottoms with enough support as well as style

My search for some affordable and flattering workout bottoms included long pants and capris. After searching the available styles I purchased these pretty, oh-so-comfy capris as well as the ‘everyday’ straight pants, also a winner for me!

My legs are quite curvy, and so are my hips…well, actually the rear is too…so I have to be careful about selecting the right cut and style of bottoms. Oh, and the legs short, so I have to be aware of the pant length.

The capris are a medium, which is what I usually wear. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable, with a phone pocket built into the left leg at the top.

The detailing on the mid rise capri adds a nice touch of style and fun.

The everyday straight pants that I selected were offered in 3 lengths: short, average and tall. I opted for the short length, of course, in a medium, and it was a perfect fit!

The straight leg is a nice change from the leggings look and I immediately was drawn to that style. There is a tiny pocket for a key or a tissue, not much else, in the waistband area.

The pants can easily be worn as part of a casual outfit. They’re not the type of pant that shouts “workout wear only!” at you. That’s one of the factors that won me over…the versatility.

Find Womens Champion brand bottoms from Target here.

And, fine more Champion options in womens workout pants here:

More Affordable Activewear for the Mature Woman

There are many styles of active wear and workout clothes for older women. For me, it’s a matter of comfort first, style second. Any of the options shown below would work for me, and I’m guessing you might find them comfortable, too!

LOOK BOOK: Women’s Workout Clothes

Tops and Jackets


Proper workout shoes

When you’re doing any kind of workout or physical exercise, if your feet aren’t happy, you won’t be happy. It’s that simple.

Workout shoes are incredibly important. I’ve found great success with Skechers, and the pair I added to my fitness wardrobe are…wait for it…Skechers!

Skechers workout shoes for women; gym wear for over 50s

If I were going to put a list together of affordable women’s activewear, Skechers shoes would definitely be at the top.

These are cute, comfortable and stylish enough to wear out and about. Learn more about Skechers slip on knit athletic shoes.

I have a tip for you, too, when it comes to the workout socks. I’ve searched in stores and online for a no-show sock that would stay put and not wriggle around in my shoe…how annoying! I had no luck until recently.

A couple of months ago I discovered Bombas no show socks and I can finally say with confidence that this sock stays put!

They offer a variety of styles, but for me, it was the no show that won me over. Have a look and see what you think. I’m a loyal Bombas sock wearer now!

Flattering workout clothes for older women that are also comfortable and affordable!

Finding the right combination of comfort, affordability and flattering styles are what most of us search for with workout clothes, or any type of fashion.

Our individual definition of theses terms can be vastly different, but the end result is the same:

Look good, feel comfortable and confident and then…be consistent with a fitness routine as part of a healthy lifestyle! We really can’t afford to do anything less, my friends.

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  1. Great suggestions here. Found myself nodding in agreement to much of what you wear. I like adding color to my activewear outfits so I have a lot of graphic tank tops with cute sayings. But they tend to be a bit on the short side in length. So I don’t feel comfortable wearing my workout clothes much beyond the gym. Which means having to go home, shower and change before I can do anything else. Maybe adding a longer length jacket like you suggested is an answer. Then at least I could grab milk at Walmart on my way home. There seems to be no dress code at Walmart anyway.

  2. Nice article! I am in love with these workout clothes. These are so cute and comfy. I was searching some new workout clothes to add in my wardrobe and here are so many options.

  3. Great article! You are sharing wonderful workout clothes. I really love all these clothes, these are really comfy and stylish. I am working on some new workout clothes and found it very helpful for me. Thanks a lot for sharing a wonderful article.

    1. Hi Bonnie, yes, these panties are specially made and definitely cost more than the typical ladies underwear at the department store. I’ve had my 3 pair for about 4 years now and they are still in good shape.

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