Fitness Tracker for Women
That Works the Best for Me in My 60’s

Last Updated on April 24, 2022 by Candi Randolph

Recently I decided to start searching for a fitness tracker for women, seeing as I’m a girl and I wanted mine to look good, sort of feminine and not too large. I had poked around a bit in the past and found a couple of trackers that were made specifically for women, but for me they seemed too large, so I kept searching.

Healthy lifestyle after 60

Why buy a fitness tracker in my 60’s? Why not? I started working out when my oldest son was born, and he is now 37 years old. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, Lord willing.

I’ve used an app on my phone for quite awhile to track my steps, and it works well when the phone is in my hand or pocket. But when it’s not on my person, nothing is being tracked. I wanted to REALLY know what my steps were in a day, among other things.

The ability to track other workouts such as bike riding, strength training and aerobic workouts was a plus, too. My routine includes all of the types of exercise so that was important to me.

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Tracking my sleeping habits was something I hadn’t even thought about until I started researching fitness trackers. It’s kind of creepy in a way, but since I’ve been wearing it I always check to see what it tells me about the previous night’s sleep. Hmmm….I slept a total of 6 hours and 52 minutes last night, with 14 minutes of awake or restless time. Fascinating. 🙂

Reminding me when I’ve been sitting for awhile is annoying, but I also love it! It only prompts me when I’ve been at my desk working; other than that I’m usually on the go all day with my home staging business. (I just received a reminder while writing this post…my FitBit buzzed me and a little smiling stick person said “wanna stroll?”)

The option to record my current weight and weight loss goals, my daily eating habits, calories burned, miles walked, how much water I’m drinking…all good stuff that I didn’t realize could be tracked for me, some of it without even thinking about it. And, all of these things are  essential components of a healthy lifestyle.

Another plus for me as I researched was a tracker that would also keep me informed about incoming text messages. Not a deal breaker, but good to have on hand, literally.

The Fitness Tracker for Women That Works Best for Me in My 60’s

FitBit ALTA Fitness Tracker

My budget, and my preferences, allowed me to purchase the fitness tracker that offered a small enough product to fit on my wrist and look proportional, which was important to me.

It was not a ‘cheap’ tracker, nor was it at the higher end of the spectrum. I paid about $100 for my Fitbit ALTA Fitness Tracker from Amazon and I love it!

This tracker is offered in a variety of vinyl band colors: silver/black, gold/black, blue, plum and teal. It comes in three sizes, from Small to X-Large, with wrist measurements to clarify which size is best for you. Ultimately this is not a fitness tracker made exclusively for women, but the size and style was perfect for my small wrist.

fitbit ALTA with black band

When you purchase the Fitbit ALTA, the product looks like the image on the left. I decided that I wanted a ‘prettier’ band, so along with my tracker I purchased a SWEES Fitbit ALTA Metal band in Champagne Gold, one of 13 colors offered. The image at the top of this post shows the band I purchased.

What I love about the metal band is 1) it’s more stylish than a black vinyl band 2) it is offered in different sizes and 3) the band is flexible and comfortable, secured magnetically so it is easily adjusted. I can wear my tracker snug to my wrist like a watch, or a bit looser like a bracelet.

SWEES Fitbit ALTA Metal Band

SWEES fitbit metal band

For me, the option of the flexible metal band was important to the overall look and feel of my fitness tracker. The image above shows the color options of this band.

Switching the ALTA fitness tracker from the vinyl band to the metal band was very easy, just a couple of clicks and the device is ready to place into the metal band. NOTE: make sure you purchase a band that is compatible with the fitbit track you purchased.

What I’ve Learned about my Fitbit ALTA Fitness Tracker

fitness tracker for women

You may read this next section and get a giggle out of it, and that’s okay. I can take it. This is the first fitness tracker I’ve purchased and didn’t have anyone around (like a 12 year old) to answer my questions.

  1. The Fitbit fitness tracker works in conjunction with an app on your phone. It’s very easy to install, just follow the directions that are included with the fitbit.
  2. The phone app is where you see all of your stats and can enter information manually. The fitbit itself will give you some basic info about your activity, too.
  3. You’ll get more out of your fitness tracker if you input optional information, such as workouts that are not automatically tracked. For example, if I am going to walk or ride a bike outside, I can set the Fitbit before I start and it will track my activity like a GPS. If I ride my stationary bike, I can input my stats after I finish my workout. Same goes for strength training and cardio training.
  4. I was confused about the charging process for my Fitbit at first. The instructions made some assumptions and obviously weren’t taking into consideration people like me. So I googled it and learned that I can plug my device into a USB port on my computer to charge it. Oh…okay. Here is a photo of the charger:
charger for Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker

I’m very pleased with my new little friend that travels everywhere with me on my wrist. As a woman in my 60’s who wants to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, the Fitbit ALTA fitness tracker is the perfect compliment to my workouts and schedule.

If you haven’t enjoyed the benefits of a fitness tracker yet, take a minute to learn more about the Fitbit Trackers that are currently available. It’s a great fitness tracker for women.

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36 thoughts on “Fitness Tracker for Women <br>That Works the Best for Me in My 60’s”

  1. Maggie |

    It’s great that fitness trackers seem to be getting more and more… well… stylish… lately!

  2. I used the Alta for several years and loved it! I’ve moved on to an Apple Watch for convenience with texting and calling. One feature of the Apple that I’m just beginning to explore is the fitness parts of it. But I really like using technology to help motivate me in my fitness goals!

  3. I love my fitbit Alta! I don’t work out, but am a part of a walking study, as well as trying to personally increase my steps. I find it to be very motivating.

  4. Stephanie Christmas

    I have been saving for an Apple Watch but now I might look a little closer at the Fit Bit 🙂

    1. It is, although you’re right…we’re all unique and need different types of motivation to be consistent with our workouts.

  5. Thank you for the excellent overview of the fitbit options Candi. I have been interested but it seemed like one more learning curve. I like your recommendations re function and style. Great information. Thank you!

  6. I love my apple watch, We are debating getting new phones and in retrospect I should have just bought a fitness tracker. Time to explore the options out there. It’s a great way to motivate myself to exercise

  7. I have a Fitbit Alta – mine has a purple band (my favourite colour) I started the fitness tracker search by buying a cheaper version ($16) and then upgraded to the Alta. All in all, the cheaper one measured up really well but I didn’t know if mor $ = more value (and it doesn’t). I’ve found I walk more and like the idea of seeing how much I’ve achieved each day. I just wish it was waterproof – and sync’d with my phone faster!

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